The second trailer of Avengers: Infinity War just landed, and it is simply magnificent. Possibly the biggest superhero film ever, Infinity War is the film when the tussle for Infinity Stones between the superheroes and Thanos begins. The trailer begins with Gamora explaining in a voiceover the threat the Mad Titan presents and how he wants to demolish half of the universe. This is the first time Avengers are hearing the name, and Tony Stark looks frightened.

The best part of the trailer is that it does not reveal much about the film but it still seems like that the movie has released and we are really excited for it. We can see in the trailer that Tony Stark asks Gamora about the villains name and Gamora tell his name, also Thanos is shown in his armor although he is the villain but those superb looks make us want to root for him. The star lord is not in also happy with the plans of the Tony Stark, just like in the Prequel we could see a lot of disagreement between the characters which led to many problems.

Meanwhile, Tony says that the superheroes have an advantage that Thanos is coming to them. Well we do not think that counts as an advantage because Thanos is coming all prepared. Captain America and Black Widow meet T’Challa in Wakanda to most likely safeguard Vision and the Mind Stone. There is a shot of Thanos with a hand around Thor’s head. Will the God of Thunder be the one to die? Also Loki is among the army of Thanos. He changes sides once again. Then theres a shot of the battle between the superheroes and Thanos’s Outriders. Doctor Stranger is being tortured.we think that this movie would be easily the darkest movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe uptil date.

Well we could see all the action when the film releases until then we just have to wait for the film. Avengers: Infinity War will releasing on 27th march 2018.