The sequel to the upcoming PTV drama Andhera Ujaala is coming back and Ayaz Samoo will also be seen it, it will also be having some of the old cast and the drama will also include new cast. Andhera Ujala used to air on PTV during 1984-1985, it was basically a crime investigation series.  It was written by Younis Javed and was directed by Rashid Dar.

We asked Ayaz Samoo about the cast of the upcoming sequel Andhera Ujaala and he told us “This will not be a remake it is a sequel of the series and it will also include the old cast and the new cast as well, Irfan Khoosat will be playing the role of the Hawaldar (policeman) and whereas talking about Qavi Khan he will retired from the job and his son is played by Danish Taimoor who will be the new SSP and I will also be playing the role of ASI a new police officer who just gets on job and its going to be a pathan character role my name will be Dildar Khan and the SHO will be played by Rashid Farooqi.”

Further talking about the drama series he said “The drama is being produced by ever-ready productions and is being directed by Amir Yousuf, the channel has not been decided yet.

Andhera Ujala the famous crime investigation series is coming back looks like the good old days will be coming back.