Ayesha Omar was awarded with the Tamgha-e-Fakhr-e-Pakistan by the Warsi International Organization. WIO is an arts and culture collective that works on education, music, performing arts, radio broadcasting and design initiatives. The award was presented to the actress by WIO CEO Mr. Usama Khan Warsi and Mr. Mirza Ishtiaq Baig and Mr. Danish Mushtaq.

“Thank you CEO Mr Usama Khan Warsi and Mr. Ishtiaq Baig for awarding me with this recognition of my hard work and efforts in the past 10 years for the progress of the Pakistani media industry and for using my voice and services to support social causes and issues that I feel strongly about. I hope I can continue to do my country proud, internally and internationally. My heartiest Congratulations to my amazing, inspiring and hard working fellow awardees and recipients. I cannot thank you all enough. I have learnt so much for each and every one of you, over the years and you have inspired me to carry on and keep believing in myself even when it was tough to do so. I could not be more grateful for all of you in my life and for the Award/medal. Sending out love and gratitude back to all of YOU, my social media family and friends for supporting and appreciating me and helping me stand where I am today. I love you all so, so much.” says Ayesha Omar

Apart from Ayesha omer there are many others celebrities, models, PR person and social media activist were also seen in Award ceremony