Balochi rap group Lyari Underground (L.U.G.) hails from Karachi’s district, and speaks to the struggles of Karachi’s youth. L.U.G.’s music confronts gang warfare, joblessness, neglect and the struggles of Lyari youth — a message that resonates in their community and connects them to struggles around the world. “Whether it’s Lyari or Malir / Wherever you go, you face the same situation,” goes a line from their track “Players of Lyari.”

Karachi rap ensemble Lyari Underground was once afraid of putting its music on Facebook, deterred by episodes of bloody gang war in the precinct of the same name that many Pakistanis consider the most dangerous in their largest city. But the same violence has inspired many of the group’s songs, taking cues from the music of US rapper Tupac Shakur, said its founder, who uses the name Anxiously. “In a ghetto, rap exists naturally,” he added. “If there is no rap, then it is not a ghetto. Rap is a product of this reality and these surroundings. The group’s single “Players of Lyari” has become an anthem to the neighborhood and its young boys, who look up to the group as leaders changing the negative narrative of Lyari. Lyari Underground looks to transform this perception. The rap group is composed of Danger Baloch, DJ khalifa, M4 Jin , ANX Anxiously, Slipknot Denna, Dj lil Ak 100. Desert Eagle. The band trio used to record songs on computer mics and share them via Bluetooth till Patari discovered them.

Rendered in Balochi, Players of Lyari narrates the tale of Lyari’s gifted sportsmen and lack of recognition. “The only thing the media highlights is violence in Lyari. No one highlights the talent,” Danger