The story revolves around the life changing incident of a girl, Aiman Khan who had to experience unfortunate circumstances in order to get married to a guy, played by AffanWaheed. The couple was later diagnosed by Aids that would be revealed gradually in the serial.

When asked about the reason for taking up this project, Ahmed Bhatti quoted that Aids is a life threatening disease and we consider it as a source of responsibility to stand up and spread awareness on the reasons that can cause the deadly disease.

Abdullah Seja COO iDream Entertainment pvt ltd. further stressed that it is a part of the companies vision to use entertainment genre to highlight social issues and create awareness amongst our viewers. This project too is part of our effort on same lines like we did with Gairat, Qurban and NanniPari.

Furthermore, Aiman Khan stated that the role she has opted for is something new and exciting for her as she plays a role of a women who is diagnosed by Aids and how she is liable to tackle all the allegations dumped on her by the society. She added that it is an important topic to focus upon and something to ponder over.