Veteran Bollywood actress Mumtaz Jehan Begum Dehlavi aka  Madhubala  was considered as the beauty Queen of her own time, she has given many super hit films between 1942 – 1962. Her most famous film were  Mahal (1949), Amar (1954), Mr & Mrs 55 (1955), Chalti ka naam gaadi  (1958), Mughal e Azam  (1960) and Baarsat ki raat(1960). Madhubala’s  performance in  Mughal e azam  and her role ‘Anar kali’ made  her as an iconic actress of Bollywood cinema. Her smile and her acting skills made every one’s  die hard fan in all over the world. and that’s why she is still missing in Bollywood film industry.  Her last film was Jwala. 

There is a good news for the all the fans of late Madhubala, In India- Delhi a wax figure or you can say sculpture of this beautiful actress has been built, it has been made with the help of many Artist and did many research even meeting with her family members and studying photos and videos.

Her sister  Madhur Brij was also present at the unveiling ceremony event and she uttered with the media   “I can’t express how happy I am looking at this. Thank you everyone for remembering her and still keeping her in your hearts.”



As per source several  artists has been worked for over six months to create this  figure of the late  actress Madhubala with fabrics and accessories sourced from India and put up beautifully by artists abroad.

As Her figure shows the famous character ‘Anarkali’ which was popular in her own film Mughal e Azam, It was a real story of true love and sacrifices but how beautifully she did thats was really amazing. Portraying her own style wearing ghagra with golden dupata and  accessories her beautiful smile and her Gimmick already stole millions of fans around the world. Unfortunately she is not with us but her Films, songs still mesmerize us.

At the unveiling launch special performances were also seen on her famous song ‘Jub pyaar kiya to darna kya’