Best ways to look Classy and Expensive

Very recently we have seen trends in the market that can make you look much updated. Buying the latest lawn prints or wearing the rich embroideries that the designers these days focus much upon. But when it comes to dressing up there are one of the two roads to follow. Either you can follow all the latest trends whether they suit your style or not and end up looking a ‘wanna be’ fashionista or you can go with your own distinct style and show utmost confidence and persona.

Buying the most expensive clothes or carry a rich designer bag will never guarantee you to look expensive and classy. There has to be some tweaking done to it to add your own flare.

Wear Black

You can’t go wrong with this color. Black is a neutral, it goes with everything.  Since it is a solid color it coordinates with other colors and patterns.  When we think of the color black, we think of Coco Chanel.  She made the colors black and white famous in her tailored clothes and fabrics.

Monochrome makes you look expensive

When in doubt go for a single color look. That always looks crisp and elegant. Too much color or too many prints can actually turn your look the other way round. White is one of the classiest colors out there but you can always wear blacks, navy blues, browns and nudes.

A structured bag

A quality handbag is worth the investment. Look for one with a classic design (try a structured top-handle bag for the office and a cross-body bag for the weekend) in a neutral color. Once you’ve got your dream bag, keep it shiny by using Windex on patent leather and unscented body lotion on all other leather. To keep structured bags in top shape, re-stuff them before storing.


Wear pointed shoes

Women who wear flats or heels that are pointed have a look that screams expensive!  Black or nude are popular colors that go with everything.  They are considered wardrobe essentials.

Smell luxurious

It is never ever ok to carry the most expensive bag, wear the most expensive designer dress and smell like a rotten egg. No outfit is complete without a luxe fragrance to match. Find a scent you love and apply it to your skin (never your clothing or hair) at major pulse points because  Heat rises, so it’s important to apply perfume to points on the lower half of your body in addition to places like your wrists, elbows, and the nape of the neck. For a scent that lasts, spritz your ankles, behind your knees, and between your thighs. To avoid mixing too many fragrances, treat your skin with an unscented moisturizer or almond oil before applying perfume.


Statement Jewelry

Wear jewelry that makes a statement.  Fancy jewelry adds a polished look to any outfit.  When your outfit is basic, like black pants and a white top, add a statement necklace, earrings or bracelet and your outfit instantly looks “glam”!

Coordinate your shoes and bag

A key to making your outfits look polished is coordinating your shoes and bag.  If you wear black shoes then carry a black bag.  Brown shoes look great with a brown bag in the same color tone.  You can venture out a bit by wearing black shoes with a nude or a solid color bag, like pink.  Leopard flats or heels look great with a black or nude bag.

Manicured nails

Last but not least, well-manicured nails! Nothing speaks polished more than well-kept nails. Keeping your shade of the nail polish to neutrals add more class to your nails. Keeping the color to bare bronze, beige, light pink or mauve displays your personality as more serious and lady like.