Bheetar sheds light on how poverty leads to a spiral of regret and self-loathing!

When you have enough money and food to be comfortable,it can be easy to be unaware of just how many people in the world are lacking in these basics. With moving stories and imagery that make it shockingly clear that millions of people in the world struggle with poverty and its consequences every day.

heart-warming inspirational play can be a good substitute to a session with a therapist, especially when it comes to family problems.

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Every telefilm sends its own message; try to capture its essence, and who knows – maybe it will help you make a difficult decision or prevent you from taking the wrong step.

Upcoming telefilm “Bheetar” showcases the struggle of innocent servants working as an invisible workforce in households.

Due to poverty their decision-making ability gets scrambled therefore landing themselves into trouble and facing adverse situations.

Bheetar is an adaptation of Ahmed Nadem Qasmi novel “Raees Khana”. It is written, directed and produced by Mazhar Moin. It is slated to go on air by the end of September.

Speaking to Celebdhaba, Wahaj Ali gave us some hint about his character.

I play (Fazlu) an innocent needful servant who gets himself into a lifelong trouble as he gets deceived due to his poor financial status.

Areej Fatima plays (Mariam). We are a couple and it’s an interesting love story between Mariam and Fazlu that how things evolve for the better. Areej has a meaty role and our chemistry is quite evident on screen.


Bheetar means (Andaar ki Baat – Asal Baat). The experience was amazing off course when you work with brilliant actor’s.


We have Omair Rana and Areej Fatima on board. I believe it’s a learning process, you learn every day on set.


Mazhar Moin has an upper hand over such dark topics, so let’s see how things will shape up. Fingers Crossed!

Stay tuned to Celebdhaba for more updates.

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