As we all know big boss is one the most famous tv reality show of india it is watched a lot in India and also in Pakistan. Many celebrities enter the house to face new challenges as a team. The big boss seasons are always spicing things up because of the clashes betwee people and also the romantic stories going in between them. Recnt updates after last nights big boss show is that Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde may make life like hell for Vikas Gupta as said by Hitten Tejwani.

After last nights episode of big boss 11 you may have saw some startling revelations. You must have thought about it that how Vikas Gupta hinted to Priyank Sharma that he wanted to save him on the show. It seems he said that he would take Hiten’s name knowing that Priyank would get votes from Hina Khan and Luv Tyagi.
Hitten also confesses that he is unclear about the role of Priyank sharma. Hitten said “ I heard that priyank was lying about vikas saving that he would save him. It seems as if a game is being played. Maybe priyank was lying, but I cant say anything.” HE is sure that this thing will not affect his relationship with Vikas Gupta. He will surely ask Vikas Gupta about whats on his mind. Also tv veterans know that Hina Khans and shilpa Shinde’s friendship is nothing more than a tactical alliance. Shilpa is against vikas and hina does not like Vikas since day one.
The actor Vikas Gupta also states that Hina saying that she will never be friends and shilpa asking about who will be friends with hina. Well all of this creating a twisting story.
This is is all what Big Boss is about fights and creating alliances just to go against someone. Until then when should wait for the next episode.