Cannes Film Festival Postponed Due To Covid-19

The biggest film festival of the year has been cancelled,yes the Cannes film festival which is the largest gathering of movies in the world, the festival has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

The organizers of the Festival made a statement regarding the cancellation of the festival “Several hypotheses are being studied to preserve the festival, the main one of which would be a simple postponement, As soon as the development of the French and international health situation will allow us to assess the real possibility, we will make our decision known.”

The organizers of the film festival had tackled questions regarding the postponement of the festival and they were reluctant that the festival might take place however the Covid 19 has become a global pandemic on Saturday the French Prime Minister ordered a closure of France which means all café’s restraunts and public places have been closed.

The Cannes Festival was eager for this year’s installment as the 2019 festival has been a great success despite the recent criticism it took during the years.  The festival concluded in their announcement where they revealed, the festival to return in Summer. The wrote “A très bientôt” — “See you very soon.”

The Covid-19 has affected the whole world, uptil now no vaccine has found and countries are going towards lockdowns for the safety of people. The world is yet to find a vaccine for Coronavirus.