Captain Marvel will not be releasing in Pakistan. None of the Lollywood movies released uptil now in 2019 but we do have some good movies in pocket that are going to come but Pakistani’s have to wait till 23rd March, Eid-Ul-Fitr, Eid-Ul-Adha.

Dinsey India is refusing the release of Captain Marvel in Pakistan after the current political situations. Mahesh Samat is the current head of the distribution in South Asia and the distributor who is from India has not given the rights to Pakistan that is why it will not be releasing in Pakistan.

Captain Marvel is the first marvel film that is led by a female. The character of Captain Marvel is played is played Brie Larson who will be playing Carol Denver in the film. The film is being targeted as a symbol of Women Empowerment all around the world. Women all over the country were waiting for Captain Marvel and let’s not forget the Marvel Fans but they won’t be getting any chance.

Well the current problem is because of the political unrest taking place in between the two countries and that is why the release of Avengers: End Game is under scrutiny.

In a statement made by IMAX Pakistan the firm apologized to everyone and confirmed that Dinsey India has refused.


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