Filmmaker Carmen Chaplin is set to direct a documentary on her grandfather Charlie Chaplin. The film is titled as Charlie Chaplin  A Man Of The World will be focusing on the life of Charlie Chaplin and all his roots to how he became a successful comedian who brought happiness to many peoples lives.

The filmmaker Carmen Chaplin said in an interview “The documentary radically reinterprets Chaplin’s oeuvre from a Romani perspective and examines the persecution of gypsies through his lens, Determined to subvert audience expectations of a documentary on the silent film master, the storytellers envisage a dynamic fusion of animation, film excerpts, interviews with artists and Chaplin’s children, and cinema verite footage of Roma life today coming together to a soundtrack of new interpretations of Chaplin’s original compositions.”

Charlie Chaplin had revealed in his autobiography that his parents were Half-Romani  and he did not reveal that until a letter was found by his daughter Victoria Chaplin in 2012 revealing that he was born in a gypsy caravan at the black patch park in Smethwick, Staffordshire in the United Kingdom.

Other than that Carmen Chaplin will also be co-writing the screenplay for the film Another Day Of Life. The film on Charlie Chaplin’s life will be produced under the banner of France’s MK2 productions who own the rights of Charlie Chaplin movies and production will be starting next year.