A peaceful protest initiated by actor-singer Junii Zeyad for the 7-year old Zainab who was mercilessly raped and murdered, took place here today outside Karachi Press Club.

The incident has finally shaken civil society into action, with the realization that it isn’t enough to just condemn on social media anymore, as this crime wasn’t the first of its kind that has taken place, especially in Kasur as over 700 such cases of child abuse have been reported since 2015.

Speaking on the occasion, a visibly upset Zeyad said he felt it was his moral duty to come out on the streets and lodge his protest, rather than just tweet about it, for it was time that civil society took action against such atrocities.

Media members and the general public came out in large numbers, asking for justice against the brutality and injustice that has taken place yet again, and called for exemplary action to be taken against the rapist-murderer so he can be made an example of. Many celebrities including Mahira Khan, Sanam Saeed, Sahir Lodhi, Hina Bayat, Shehzad Roy, Humaira Asghar, Anam Tanveer and Zara Tareen were present too along with social activist Jibran Nasir.