Transgenders are the most oppressed minority in Pakistan. They have been struggling for their rights for such a long period of time. Many human rights organizations have been protesting in the past for their rights. But this time our celebrities have come up with a really wonderful “clap campaign” in the support of Trans community and transgenders are really happy about it.


Joining hands with Asia Pacific Transgender Network’s campaign, they have all come together to create an impact on the perspective of society about transgenders. 

Many Pakistani celebrities showed their support through this #ChangeTheClap campaign .

Ahmed Ali Butt

Ayesha Omar

Asim Azhar

Since forever we have seen people mocking transgenders and specially associating a special type of clap for transgenders, now the people we love to watch on television can be seen with the same type of special clap, such a beautiful way to break the stereotypes.

Ushna Shah

Many other celebrities also showed their support for the campaign.

Pakistani celebrities are taking initiative to bring awareness to trans rights in Pakistan by changing the clap and using the hashtag  #changetheclap

We also have previously seen many campaigns for harassment spreading through the internet such as “me too” campaign,  “rainbow flag” display pictures and others. Let’s see how far does this campaign go.