Maira Khan

“Cheekh” offers lot more beyond the typical teary-eyed masala themes and run-of-the-mill plots, says Maira Khan.

Pakistani dramas have been at the core of our entertainment business for decades, bringing amazing talent from actors, writers and directors into the spotlight and acting as one of the country’s most accessible forms of entertainment that’s appealing to both urban and rural audiences.

In this context of reach and relevance, drama producers and writers have also taken on the responsibility of creating a positive impact on society with dramas that tackle tough social issues, raise awareness, and breaking the silence by initiating dialogue on a domestic level.

Upcoming drama serial ‘Cheekh’ highlights social issues that are prevalent in our society, and the intricate web of conspiracies that stem from such issues.

Excited about being associated with Cheekh, Maira said: The story revolves around two brothers (who possess a negative nature). Me and Saba Qamar play their wife’s respectively. Bilal Abbas plays the youngest (third) brother.

Divulging some more details, Khan added: I play an introvert, who has an optimistic approach towards life. She is the perfect housewife who is unfortunately suppressed by her husband. She is unable to experience motherhood due to her biological defect. At last, there comes a point where she speaks for herself and her family.

The cast includes, Saba Qamar, Aijaz Aslam, Bilal Abbas, Maira Khan, Azekah Daniel, Emad Irfani and Noor ul Hassan. It is written by Zanjabeel and directed by Badar Mehmood.

It’s a Big Bang production for ARY Digital.