Liu yi fei also known as crystal Liu, is going to act in Disney live action adaption of the Chinese tale.

After a long search finally they found Chinese girl Liuyifei who fit to perform the character of ‘Mulan’

As per source, for the perfect character or role, the team has visited five continents almost and did 1000 auditions with the candidates. The requirement for this role must know martial art and able to speak English.

Liu is a very popular actress, she has been performed or appeared in many films and starred with many big celebrities  as well. Disney found complete package in Liu, she acted in the forbidden kingdom, along side Jackie chan and jet li, she also starred opposite Emile Harsch in danish auteur bille August period romance The chinese widow. Liu also endorsed with big brands  Tissot, Dior, Garnier, and Pantene, she recently starred in the film Once upon a time, which was mega it on the Box office.

we wish Liu good luck for her new Venture