Chris Tucker had recently celebrated the 65th birthday of his friend and Co-Star Jackie Chan. And the hype was created when Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan posed with the number 4, fans thought that maybe they are teasing the film Rush Hour 4 and we can surely say that people would love to watch Lee and Carter fighting some bad guys on the big screens.

Chris Tucker had posted a picture with Jackie Chan on his official Instagram account where he wrote “Today is Jackie’s birthday. I want to wish my boy Jackie Chan a Happy Birthday!!” The picture that was posted just about 6 hours ago has proved to be a hype of the fans as we could see fans rushing towards the comment section to wish Jackie Chan Happy Birthday and we could also see the fan excitement after the duo teased Rush Hour 4.

Talking about the Rush Hour franchise the first two films in the franchise were amazing and were box office hits, while the first two films proved to be a hit with the critics and fan the third part could not do so well in the box office and was a complete flop it was also said to be due to inflation. Soon after that a TV from the film was also aired but because of the negative reviews it received CBS has to cancel the season after just one Season.

But now it looks like that fans want more of the Rush Hour and they are eagerly waiting for some big announcement which we believe that are going to come in the upcoming days.