Cinepax Cinemas Brings First-Ever Laser Projectors In Pakistan brings Premium Cinematic Experience


Cinema chain ‘Cinepax’ has introduced Laser Projectors for the first time ever in Pakistan. Cinepax is renowned for its premium cinema offerings that make every visit a completely fascinating event for Pakistani families.

This is an era of innovation in cinema technology advancements and Cinepax has become the pioneer in bringing the latest Barco Laser Projectors to Pakistan that promises to be that most cinematic yet. The Barco Laser Projectors provide consistently brighter, sharper and more uniform images, delivering stunning and saturated colors for the most lifelike and immersive movie presentation available today.


Mariam El Bacha, CEO Cinepax states,

“Cinepax commitment to Pakistan is to ensure that we wow our guests by delivering a state of the art entertainment experience and service excellence together. And we couldn’t be prouder of our flagship location in Packages Mall, Lahore. Our 10 screen multiplex not only boast the biggest screen in Pakistan, but also the first kids hall in the country called Minipax. Bringing Barco laser projectors to Pakistan links our purpose of being Pakistan’s most favorite entertainment company as well as it enforces our commitment to the country and its families to deliver a world-class entertainment experience.”


Source:  Press Release