Coke Studio is all set to release the third episode of Season 12

Featuring Aadam by Fareed Ayaz and Abu Muhammad with Humnawa, ChalRahaHoon by Umair Jaswal, and MubarikMubarik by Banur’s Band and Atif Aslam. This episode of Coke Studio Season 12 will air on 1st November 2019.

Presenting the story of mankind’s innate connection to music are Fareed Ayaz and Abu Muhammad with Aadam, a composition by Hazrat Amir Khusrow that has been handed down to them through Sufi tradition. The piece, as presented by the duo, brings together three couplets and two taranas expressing the legacy of music in the Sufi tradition as well as the collective human inheritance. The first couplet narrates the incident of HazratAadam’s creation, as told by Khusrow, presenting music as humankind’s Divine inheritance and an integral part of our story in the Divine Order. It is joined by two other couplets, celebrating the Sufi Chishti Order’s religious practice of using music as a vessel to gain connection with the Divine, and recalling the famed musical gatherings of HazratNizamuddinAuliya. A piece that follows its own ebb and flow, Aadam is presented by Coke Studio with Fareed Ayaz and Abu Muhammad at the helm, leading the rise and fall of this composition as it climbs towards its crescendo.


“Your soul and your ears seek purity. What are you giving your soul? It is important for the soul to hear what is pure and to be able to understand it. The soul gets nourishment from this. You will find peace in the qawwali.”saysFareed Ayaz and Abu Muhammad.



Revisiting the heartache of a loss experienced years ago, Umair Jaswal brings ChalRahaHoon to Coke Studio Season 12. Written during Umair’s university years, ChalRahaHoon is a song that flows between grief and hope, speaking of the darkness that follows the end of a relationship. Umair counts the distances that have come between him and the person he loves, sings of the sunlight burning his wounds, declaring that the days have turned to ash. These words are interwoven with resilience: “chalrahahoon” (I am walking onwards), Umair keeps reminding himself. Hidden in ChalRahaHoon are the lessons that Umair learnt from the experience that inspired it – that life does move on, the sun keeps shining, and one’s pain becomes a source of growth and artistic inspiration. Reaching his audiences eight years after it was first written, ChalRahaHoon signifies a new direction for Umair, of sharing music with the world that is more personal and comes from a place of vulnerability and honesty. On Coke Studio, ChalRahaHoon find its voice as a rock ballad, with a musical arrangement designed to complement the shifting mood of its words.


“If I want to give one thing to the world with my music, with my art, it is honesty. If one is honest, one’s work will speak for itself. If one is honest, everything is going to be alright. With my music, I try to spread my truth. If, in one’s heart, one has complete faith that something is their truth, one should express it and people will connect to it.”saysUmair Jaswal.