Scriptwriter Gary Dauberman has revealed that the Conjuring universe will be having two more upcoming spin-off whose story start from the Annabelle’s third part which was Annabelle: Comes Home. The scriptwriter has said the two spin-off films will be based on the Bride and the Samurai which we saw in the Ed and Lorraine Warren house where they also kept the Annabelle.

Speaking about the Bride Gary Dauberman revealed “Lanky, pale, and prone to carrying a knife, “The Bride” is a demonically-possessed wedding dress who drives young brides-to-be to kill their grooms before they actually vow “‘till death do us part.” In Annabelle 3 the bride was played by Natalia Safran however it is still unknown who will be playing the actual role in the spinoff.

Speaking about the Samurai the scriptwriter said “That one is one of my favorites, the samurai, In the first Conjuring, my eyes just immediately go to that samurai. I start going, ‘What’s the story around that this samurai armor, the souls it’s taken throughout its time on this planet has attached itself to this armor in some way. I started to noodle around fleshing out that story as well.”

There is no background story for the Samurai however James Wan and Gary Dauberman have some plans of their own with this artifact. Which spinoff would you like too first?