The young and beautiful Hira Khan has recently been crowned as Miss Veet Pakistan 2017. Winner Hira Khan  Hailing from the city of gardens, Lahore, the girl has been one of the most deserving contestants of the competition.

Hira Khan Miss Veet Pakistan 2017


In a candid chat with Celebdhaba, she shared her experience to be a part of Miss Veet contest and her glamorous journey so far. Excerpts:

How did you land for Miss Veet 2017 competition?

It wasn’t a planned effort at all. I have been following Miss Veet competition on a television for a while but I have never thought to give it a try until my mom encouraged me to opt for it.

What was the toughest task of the competition that even made you think to give-up at some point during the show?

I didn’t think about to give up ever in the show but there was a task that gave a tough time to all contestants including me. It was Scavenger Hunt, we had to complete some given tasks, run 500m on a treadmill and get back to our normal position after overcoming several hassles. So it was really one hell of a task.

Were all the judges did justice to the contestants?

Judges were really fair and the whole process was very transparent. It wasn’t scripted at all and we were never told to behave in a certain way. We all used to get up early in the morning and we had no idea what would going to be happened with us in the later part of the day so it was really fair.

What is your statement of beauty and being bold?

Well, for me it is nothing to do with the physical appearance of a person. For me, a person is beautiful if she has a good soul and she is mentally strong. If you don’t remain positive in life, keep hatred in your heart for others and envy from them then there is no point in your physical beauty.

Did any mishap happen during the show?

During my acting challenge, Faisal Rehman asked us to act something out for him. So on a very positive note, I acted a fight that just happened in one of our colleagues’ room a couple of minutes ago. When I did that act, one of my colleagues got offended – she was the same girl who got eliminated on the same day. She blamed me that as I portrayed her fight in front of judges so they took her out, which was wrong. So it was something that put me off.

How much your parents support you during the process?

My parents have been really supportive throughout my journey. In fact, my mom encouraged me to opt for it.

What are your upcoming plans?

I would be taking this platform forward to underprivileged schools. We have been designing some personality development programs for girls who can’t reach to these facilities. Other than that, I have already signed a serial with Bol Entertainment (I got it through this contest). I have also got some brand shoots and I am planning to move in the field of commercial showbiz.

Would you like to give any message to young girls who also want to become Miss Veet?

I would definitely recommend it to all girls – one gets an opportunity of a lifetime to learn and explore the hidden side of personality through this platform. It doesn’t only groom a person but provides much-needed exposure to the world.

When I came here, I wasn’t very keen to win – I just came here to learn as much as possible and eventually it did prove to be a milestone in my career. Today, when I walked out of Veet Academy I know that I am totally a different and a better person now.