Some surprising results earlier in the World Cup like Bangladesh beating South Africa and Sri Lanka desperately managed to survive against Afghanistan, now things have started to settle down for bigger teams. They start filtering through to top positions and less experienced teams seemingly going down at the points table. Pakistan has recovered from that terrible loss against the West Indies after beating England impressively. Indians have already shown their might against the Aussies at the Oval. South Africa is still in the quagmire and their match against the West Indies today, will be a last bid to get over the worst scenario.

Pakistan regains rhythm for the upcoming World Cup matches.

A washed out match at Bristol on Friday between Pakistan and Sri Lanka has been a setback for the green shirts. As Pakis have regained their rhythm, they were expected to have grabbed that point. India, England, Australia and New Zealand are foremost contenders for the semi-finals. Pakistan and West Indies are the other competitive teams to seize a spot in the knockout phase. However, until the tournament unfolds further, it’s really hard to predict the semifinalists.

World Cup favorites may face an uphill task ahead.

Pakistan has to battle out two toughest upcoming matches against Australia and India on 12th and 16th June respectively. Especially the match against India on Sunday will be a nerve-breaker. It will not only be a match, but a war of emotion and passion between millions of people on both sides of the border.

South Africa’s worst World Cup so far.

Well speculating today’s match between South Africa and the West Indies, we may see an early exit position for the all-time respectable side of South Africa. If they survive the Caribbean onslaught today, then at least they’ll be on the cards for some more matches. Faf Du Plessis and the boys need to transcend their ordinary performance against the rejuvenated West Indian side in a last ditch attempt to stay alive in the World Cup.