To me the first news of T10 Cricket was not less than a bombshell. But it was equally encouraging to know that many international cricketers have pledged to dazzle in the show. Hosted by PCB, it’ll be another star-studded exhibition of Cricket extravaganza. The six teams – Maratha Arabians, Pakhtoons, Punjab Legends, Kerala Kings, Bengal Tigers and Colombo Lions will battle it out for the top spot in the first edition. The tournament will be played next month in Sharjah.

It’s an undeniable fact that more the Cricket is being compressed and squeezed, more fun and drama is expected and the audience loves it. How distorting it may be for the Cricket is now totally another argument. Currently, it’s all about entertainment and excitement. Spectators demand more happening in less time and they support it. Crowd support means more commercialization and coverage.

T10 Cricket League will showcase stroke-makers like Shahid Afridi, Sehwag and Sangakarra to mesmerize the viewers. In one and half hour match, one can expect extraordinary fireworks, breathtaking finishes and last minute jaw drops. So stay tuned as Cricket’s newest idea is about to take place in UAE.