The trailer for Mark Ruffalo’s upcoming film ‘Dark Waters’ is out and after the lauch of the trailer it looks like the film will surely be racking some awards at the academy awards. The film will be focusing on the life of an attorney who gets to know the reality of a chemical company Dupont that he was previously defending.

The trailer focuses on Ruffalo’s character who finds out the reality of a chemical company who have been poisoning 70,000 residents of a town through a water supply by adding chemicals to it. The official synopsis of the film reads out “In 1984, DuPont began to secretively collect local tap water, asking employees to bring in jugs of water from their own homes, schools, and local businesses, and discovered that C8 was making its way into public drinking water supplies in both Ohio and West Virginia at potentially dangerous levels. Minutes recorded at a meeting at DuPont’s corporate headquarters in Delaware that year suggest a high level of concern regarding how this could affect the company’s image and bottom line. “Legal and medical will likely take the position of total elimination,” notes from the meeting read. The company executives present, however, concluded the available methods for cutting pollution were not “economically attractive.”

The film will also be starring Anne Hathaway, Bill Pullman and Tim Robbins and the film is directed by Todd Haynes, Dark Waters based on a true story will be hitting the theatres on 22 November 2019.