The fiercest speedster, ready to break toes, tumble wickets and terrify batsmen on any pitch, bowled his first delivery back in 1989 on this very day, the 15th November against arch rivals India at the National Stadium, Karachi.

If we retrospect 28 years back in time, would find a dashing new imaginative fast bowler named WAQAR YOUNIS. Who could have imagined that this young lad was all set to become one of Cricket’s most ferocious fast bowlers.

His genius worked wonders. His art of delivering the ball with the deadly touch of reverse swing astonished the opponents and made them realize that there’s little they could do to save the toes or stumps.

He quickly gained the prodigy to win matches for Pakistan. His illustrious record has been an inspiration. Though his career was tainted with controversies and upheavals but his legend would continue to remind us his dominance over batsmen’s nerves.