There’s a New Deadpool movie hitting the theatre’s this December. Fox movies had made an announcement of of the releasing of a new Deadpool movie. The third part in the franchise is coming out starring Ryan Reynolds in the R-rated superhero film. Well no footage of the film has been released of the film.

Ryan Reynolds posted a video on his official twitter account where he can be seen reading a book to a boy on bed, The picture is a reenactment of the of the Princess bride scene in which Fred Savage played the role of the Grandson. It is not clear that if the picture is related to the film or not.


The film is coming out December 21 however there’s going to be a big clash in the Hollywood films in the box office, as Transformers Bumblee spinoff is coming out and Aqua Man is coming out and yes Will Ferrell upcoming comedy film Holmes and Watson is also coming out on December 21.

Deadpool has been a very revolutionary film pleasing most of its audience, but well there are always some people who criticize, the film showed us that R-Rated superhero films could work and swoop the box office easily.

. Its not necessary that superhero films should be children-friendly or is it?? Well the answer is NO!!  Superhero films which don’t have gore or some cool moments aren’t worthy of a superhero film.

Well lets get down with Deadpool the first part of Deadpool did great and made itself some fans, and now the second part  also rocked the Hollywood box office with it performance well Deadpool’s every ones new hero as and noww e’re getting a third part of the film looks like it going to be one hell of a ride there has been no publicity done about the movie until then lets see what happens.