All hail Deadpool, The superhero is gonna hit the big screens two weeks before its initial release date yess!!! Its now releasing on May 18th instead of 1st June, we just cannot wait for the movie, really hyped up for the movie are you guys hyped up??? If not then get ready for the superhero to blow your minds.

Starring Ryan Reynolds, The sequel of the R-rated comedy action movie Deadpool is arriving on 18th of may. Deadpool has been a very revolutionary film pleasing most of its audience, but well there are always some people who criticize, the film showed us that R-Rated superhero films could work and swoop the box office easily. With this movie we can easily say that there will be no next part of Logan. Its not necessary that superhero films should be children-friendly or is it?? Well the answer is NO!!  Superhero films which don’t have gore or some cool moments aren’t worthy of a superhero film. The sequel will continue Wade Wilson’s story while introducing new characters like Domino and Cable.

Well theres also some good news about the superhero, Deadpool has just teamed up with some badass guys, The team is called the X-force and will all be going against Cable to save the kid. In the trailer of the movie theres only one serious dialogue spoken by Deadpool as far as I think “I cant let Cable kill this kid, but I cannot do it alone.” The X-force consists of other mutants like Domino, Negasonic teenage warhead, Bedlam.

Haha, Well lets get down with Deadpool the first part of Deadpool did great and made itself some fans, and now the second part is on its way, and the trailer of the movie make it really funny and interesting, to be honest we think that Deadpool 2 is going to the rock the cinemas.