Dhoni ever remains at the front foot to avoid all sorts of unfriendly and controversial statements about Indo-Pak cricket. He obviates the necessity of being rude towards Pakistani fans and that’s a good spirit. But in his recent trip to the occupied Kashmir to attend the final of Chinar Cricket Premier League; the Kashmiri youth were not interested to give him a customary welcome. Dressed in army uniform, Dhoni’s attire appeared a bit hostile to them. This probably influenced them to welcome him by “Boom Boom Afridi” chanting.

Dhoni, during a visit to Baramulla, said: “When we talk about cricket, in most people’s opinion it is a sport , but when it comes to India and Pakistan series, it is much more than that. “Saying that it is just cricket is wrong, as it also has an impact on the Indian economy. So, coming to a conclusion on Pakistan-India series is a big decision which should be left to the government” he said.

Dhoni’s visit to Kashmir may be a patriotic move for himself but his responsive conduct on India Pakistan’s cricket relations has always been positive.