Don’t use following passwords for your online accounts

Hackings attempts are increasing day by day and you need to secure your ids and profile by managing strong passwords of your online portal. Lets us share you some interesting facts about weak passwords which are easy to hack for hackers. the top three weak passwords are 123456, password, and 12345. Is your password secure enough for hackers to crack or is it a soft one, leaving you vulnerable to scams? That’s the big question where people are given a free path to get their accounts hack in an easy way.

If you want to secure your account use a strong password which is big hackers to get and find out the correct password.  The password should be 8 Characters with Alpha Number combination with hyphen and brackets. the top three weak passwords are 123456, password, and 12345 while some of the less obvious passwords on the list include 12345, zaq1zaq1. Other weak passwords include login, admin, abc123, 12345678, qwerty, football, and princess.

The statement said that weak passwords are made up of ‘predictable words, sequential numbers, and personal information’ and can be easily cracked within minutes. The list is compiled of data collected by SplashData, using over five million password combinations, says a Daily Mail report. The list consists of 25 most common passwords published by Australian Government in a statement, warned a weak password does not achieve its desired effect – to secure your device. The New South Wales Police and Australian Government released a ‘weak’ password list to help people protect themselves from scammers.


Hence, it safe to have a password which is difficult to hack and one should always include stringing a number of easy to remember words together, one example given was ‘horsestapleshop’. Minumum 8  to 10 character Password with five alphabets with numbers including hyphens and different marks on the keyboard.