Is Amir Liaquat khan joined Aplus ? You must be thinking same right, but this is not true, Amir liaquat is doing live transmission for Aplus 12th Rabiulawal transmission today Thursday November 30 at 9pm onwards.
Dr Aamir Liaqat has recently been in the news for suddenly resigning from the Network during his on Independence Day in August 2017 and then dramatically returning to the channel while contemporaneously hosting the game show ‘’.
But now the religious scholar and former MQM Minister of State for Religious Affairs from NA-249 Karachi is firmly committed to sharing his extensive religious knowledge during his present deep-rooted tenure at APLUS
With his huge fan following and riveting screen presence one looks forward to a serene religious experience with the knowledgeable spiritual specialist this 12 Rabiul-Awal.
Watch Dr. Aamir Liaqat on APLUS’ and ATV’s 12 Rabiul-Awal live transmission on Thursday November 30 at 9pm onwards.
source Press release