75th Golden Globe Awards: Dunkirk may or may not be better than Saving Private Ryan however it is unfair to judge both the stories as they are so different from each other, but Dunkirk is one of the best war films ever made. Christopher Nolan has been one of the most visionary directors of our time. His vision has not worked as well at times as he would have like, The Dark Knight Rises could have been so much better because of his preference of complicating things further, but one thing that cannot be discounted is his way of pushing standards, and creating something that nobody expected.

It has been almost two decades since Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan released, and it took down multiple movies that have tried to mimic it especially the opening harrowing sequence that has not been equaled yet. However Nolan who thought that war could be presented in a different way that could be just as effective.

Dunkirk was based on the evacuation of million soldiers who were stranded on the island of Dunkirk and were waiting for help. The story shows mostly the French men and British men who were waiting for help while withstanding German army. Dunkirk is a movie that is vastly different from any war film that has come before, It is different because it is a different type of storytelling. The movie is based on the evacuation of the soldiers but that does not mean that the film does not have action in it.

Families of Soldiers waiting tearfully for their sons, husbands, brothers or lovers and watching them die in a war is very difficult for everyone this is what the story potrays well that is war in it’s the purest, the most destructive form.

Dunkirk may not be better than Saving Private Ryan but one thing is certain that Dunkirk is one the best war movies created.