Dwayne Johnson who will be playing the upcoming role of DC’s anti-hero Black Adam, the film will start filming in July 2020. Johnson has shared the news while appreciating an artist who sculpted a statue of Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam, Dwayne revealed production will start from July next year.

Spanish Filmmaker Jaume Collet-Serra who is known for the films , The Shallow, Orphan will be directing the film Black Adam.  Black Adam will be starring Johnson in the titular role and it will be the first step for Johnson to step into the superhero universe.

It was first said that Black Adam would be shown in the Shazam film however the makers had decided to get the arch nemesis a standalone film, means we’ll be discovering the story of Black Adam.  DC came up with Shazam which starred Zachary Levi in the lead role and the film was a huge commercial success also getting a 90% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Well it was first said that  Johnson would be a part of Shazam and it was speculated that he would be playing the role Dr. Thaddeus Sivana or he would have been playing his sidekick but then Dwayne requested Warner Bros to introduce him as Black Adam in a standalone film.

Black Adam is a based on a story of a boy Aman who belongs to a fictional tribe in an Arab country called Khandaq but he gets thrown into slavery at a very young age.