Superhero Movies are on a hype these days and yes let’s not forget about Dwayne Johnson who will also be seen in the upcoming superhero film however he will not be playing the role of a Superhero but he will be playing the role of Supervillain Black Adam. 

Dwayne Johnson who is all set to gear up for his superhero debut has just said that its not long until a black superman will be played like Calvin Ellis from the DCEU. While in an interview the actor said “Maybe one day you’ll see a black Superman,” adding, “You’re looking at him.” Does that hint us Superman will be played by Dwayne Johnson.

Superman has always been depicted as a white man however the superhero is an alien sent from the planet Krypton to earth so that he could survive the destruction however outside the original DC world there’s also an extended universe which has a black Superman who was known as Calvin Ellis just like the white Superman who was known as Clark Kent.

Michael B Jordan was rumored to play the role of Calvin Ellis however no such thing has been revealed uptil yet talking about Dwayne Johnson he will be playing the bad guy against Zachary Levi in the Shazam sequel but before that he will also be seen in a standalone film which is titled as Black Adam.