Dwayne Johnson who is also known as the Rock, has congratulated the Shazam team for the film’s success, the exclusive DC film opened up with a huge success of 53 million dollars in North America, Dwayne Johnson also teased his debut in the Comic Book Films as Black Adam.

Shazam stars Zachary Levi, Asher Angel, Jack Dylan Grazer and Mark Strong. It is about a 14 year old foster kid Billy Batson who gets superpowers thanks to an ancient wizard called Shazam. His powers allow him to transform him into an adult superhero just by saying the word, “Shazam!”h

Well it was first said that Dwayne Johnson would be a part of Shazam and it was speculated that he would be playing the role Dr. Thaddeus Sivana or he would have been playing his sidekick but then Dwayne requested Warner Bros to introduce him as Black Adam in a standalone film.

Black Adam is a based on a story of a boy Aman who belongs to a fictional tribe in an Arab country called Khandaq but he gets thrown into slavery at a very young age.

However when Aman is bestowed with powers to heal his uncle Adam but Adam kills Aman and gets his superpowers and by the DC comic book stories Black Adam is the Arch nemesis of Shazam . Dwayne Johnson has confirmed that he will be playing Black Adam and the films shooting will be starting at the end of this year.