Netflix will  be developing a fourth film in the Beverly Hills Cops Franchise and yes the good news is Eddie Murphy will be reprising his role once again. Eddie Murphy’s latest comedy Dolemite Is My Name is also currently streaming on Netflix.

The fourth part of Beverly Hills Cops will be seeing the 58 year old actor reprising his role of officer Axel Foley who is a street-smart cop from Detroit who is sent to the streets of Beverly Hills to look after the crimes over there.  Speaking to Hollywood reporter Eddie Murphy said “There was no Netflix when we started trying to make this movie.” He said this when he earlier tried to work on Dolemite Is My Name which he later proposed to Netflix and praising Netflix the actor said “It was like we needed Netflix to come and we needed all these actors to become who they are and it all came together because the idea was a good idea way back then, I learned on this thing that if it’s a good idea, eventually it will have its day.”

The first two Beverly Hill Cop films were in the franchise were Blockbuster hits however the third film in the franchise was a commercial disaster.  Paramount films had released the first three films however the company has handed over the rights of the fourth film to Netflix.