Well as we all know the elections are just around the corner and its time for all those political parties to gather up and try to win at their respective places. Well there are no favorites uptil now for the elections but every political party is trying their best to conquer the seat. And Pakistan Peoples Party has just stepped up the game.

Pakistan Peoples Party is appointing celebrities, Uptil now peoples Party has appointed the famous actor Sajid Hasan, Ayub Khooso. Peoples party has issues tickets to these celebrities to campaign on the voting booths. Sajid Hasan will be campaigning at NA 256 and the actor has said that he will try his best for success.

Sajid Hasan says that he really thinks about the people and he wants to help the people that is why he has come on board for the elections. On the other hand we have Ayub Khooso who has also joined PPP for the elections and has been appointed at PS 101.

The actor had praised Pakistan peoples Party, that the political party can be easily trusted and join in hands with Pakistan peoples Party is a win for us.

Internationally acclaimed supermodel and social worker Abbas Jafri’s nomination papers that were filed from PS 125 Karachi, have been accepted, says a press release. The activist cum youth icon is expected to be contesting in the upcoming General Elections to be held in July 2018, on a ticket from Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf (PTI).

Jafri, who also happens to be the IV Senior Vice President from District Central wing of PTI is looking forward to working in the constituency which includes the areas of Ancholi, Gulberg etc. He wishes to inspire the youth and represent the fashion industry of Pakistan in the government with the cause of enrichment of Pakistani culture and promotion of the service sector and textile industry.

Abbas Jafri has been involved in a lot of social work and youth based think tanks and federations and is held in high regard by the masses.

“As people from the fashion industry we are constantly presenting a positive and beautiful image of Pakistan. I want people to see hope and positivity in our city of Karachi and give the artisans and Textile industry a chance to grow.” Says Abbas Jafri