Elisabeth Moss has officially been announced to replace Johnny Depp in the lead cast for the film Invisible Man which will be the reboot based on the famous 80’s sci-fi novel which is HG Wells.

Universal Studios will be behind this project, however as well know after the failure of Tom Cruise’s The Mummy, Universal Studios had shelved some of their projects but now they are bringing back one project which is the Invisible Man Reboot, however it was first said Johnny Depp was going to be playing the lead role however he has been replaced by the ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ star Elisabeth Moss.

This will be Elisabeth’s second collaboration with Jason Blum under the banner of Blumhouse productions, Leigh Whannell is directing the project and he will also be co-producing alongside BlumHouse. Before this we saw Elisabeth Moss working with Blumhouse as she recently starred in Jordan Peele’s ‘US’ which was a box office hit and the film had raked up 220 million dollars worldwide.

Talking about Johnny Depp’s role in the film he has been replaced and it has also been reported that Leigh Whannell is crafting a brand new story and that also means the film will get a new title maybe ‘Invisible Woman’, Leigh Whannell has also written the scripts for Insidious 3 and Upgrade.

The film has not got a release date however it is being said that filming will start later on this year and the film will be shot in Australia.  


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