Elton John and his biopic Rocketman premiered on Thursday at the Cannes film festival. The 72 year old pop star made his entrance in a tuxedo which had Rocketman embossed on the back of it. The actor also had a stunning after show performance which was attended by all the attendees.

Elton John who is the executive producer of the film, hadn’t spoken much about the film but when the film made it premier at the Cannes film festival it surely revealed a lot about the film. John said from the stage ““Even if the movie doesn’t make one penny at the box office which will kill Jim Gianopulos it is the movie I wanted to make.”

Rocketman is being directed by Dexter Fletcher who also took over the directing duties of the last year’s hit music biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, after Bryan Singer departed from mid-production. Rocketman is almost similar to Bohemian Rhapsody and it the story of a star in making which will be casting Taron Egerton in the lead role. However the film is going to be R-Rated.

Paramount Pictures also have high hopes with this film to mint as much as Bohemian Rhapsody minted last year, Bohemian Rhapsody starring Rami Malek had an exceptional run minting 903 Million Dollars. Let’s see what will Rocketman have in pocket for us.  


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