Zeeshan Mumtaz

I engage my clientele with our unwavering cultural aesthetics. Zeeshan Mumtaz

Fashion designing is one of the most productive, engaging, and exciting career options in today’s world. Fashion comes with great talent and creativity. If you have a penchant for creativity, style and innovation, then this is the right path for your career.

Celebdhaba has brought an exclusive interview with the exceptionally talented Pakistani Fashion designer ‘Zeeshan Mumtaz’ the owner of the renowned fashion brand ‘Grismen’s’ for clothing and accessories.


A successful designer who has worked hard and achieved his goals with sheer dedication and determination, Mumtaz shares his success story.

Celebdhaba: When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career as a designer?

Zeeshan Mumtaz: I was very fond of Hollywood Fashion shows since my college days. As time passed, I realized that I could take designing as a career and someday launch my own label.

Zeeshan Mumtaz

CD: What was the most valuable experience you learned from your first internship?  

ZM: During my internship program in Dubai, I realized people like to wear stuff which makes them feel comfortable therefore whatever i design has to have comfort.

CD: What did you wear for your first interview?

ZM: I wore a casual smart jean.

Zeeshan Mumtaz

CD: What would be that one thing which you would like to tell yourself if you travel back in time?

ZM: My first priority has always been promoting Pakistani culture. I am a true patriot and will always make Pakistan proud no matter what.

CD: Has the industry changed? How are things different now and then?

ZM: Today things are changing for the better. It’s a different equation altogether. The trends are changing every day, new color palettes, design cuts and themes are introduced which is indeed a positive change for the industry itself.

CD: How important is social media in changing and developing concepts of fashion?

ZM: Social media has drastically changed the concepts of fashion in today’s time and age. Within seconds the designers can showcase their collections which eventually get viral on the internet. Besides, it also gives us an opportunity to communicate with international clients easily.

Zeeshan Mumtaz

CD: Were you nervous while starting your own label?

ZM: Yes I was nervous to an extent. There were several thoughts in my mind that whether I would be able to succeed and fulfill my dreams. At present by the grace of Allah Almighty, I have a team of professional people who look after my business.

CD: What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?

ZM: The fact that I am my own boss and get to sell whatever i want putting my name to it.

CD: What advice will you give to young girls and boys who want to pursue their career in Fashion Designing?

ZM: Designing is a creative medium but it also is a game of numbers, so I would advise all the aspiring designers who want to pursue this to get a sound education, followed by experience, practice, to follow your instincts and never ever copy anyone.

Zeeshan Mumtaz

CD: Do you ever feel it’s too much or is challenge an adrenaline rush to push the boundaries of creativity?  How do you keep it fresh season after season?

ZM: There is no tried and tested formula. Some people work very hard but they lack talent and some people who have talent but don’t work that hard. It is important to be fresh and have a signature style and then do the rest.

Zeeshan Mumtaz

CD: What skills are necessary to become a successful fashion designer?

ZM: One must possess strong designing aesthetics.

Zeeshan Mumtaz

CD: Tell us something about your family?

ZM: I belong to Giglit Baltistan. We are three brother and three sisters. One of my sisters is a super model ‘Misbah Mumtaz’ and the other is a successful business woman.

CD: How would you describe your personal style?

ZM: Elegant, Decent and Sophisticated.

You can visit Grismen’s website (www.grismens.com) or book an appointment at 0321-1008883.