Facebook Feature ‘Clear History’ to combat privacy concerns

Last 2 days ago Facebook arranges an annual conference called F8, Facebook’s annual developer conference, F8, has historically been a celebration of the company’s greatest achievements and most exciting research. Not this year.

Mark has announced Online dating service in ft and In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which revealed millions of Facebook users’ information was being shared without their direct consent, the social network is preparing to answer tough questions about how it will handle user privacy in the future.

To that end, Facebook announced Tuesday its intention to build a tool called “Clear History” that will make it easier for users to delete their browsing data from Facebook’s servers.

What is CLEAR HISTORY feature

Mark shares about clear history are to give the option to the user when he uses Facebook and after using facebook whatever he did let’s suppose whatever you search on facebook name locations or anything that will lose when you sign off. Mark shares that Facebook is not interested to save your searches or interest we want a fair community where people can trust.