Facebook and Instagram will show usage in minutes

Wellknown Magazine TechCrunch scooped the designs of the two separate but identical Instagram and Facebook tools over the past few months thanks to screenshots generated from the apps’ code by Jane Manchun Wong. What’s launching today is what we saw, with the dashboards located in Facebook’s “Settings” -> “Your Time On Facebook”  and Instagram’s “Settings” -> “Your Activity”.

This feature may let the user know about Facebook usages has made something new for the users right now Facebook is given the new feature that the user can know how much time they spend on social media platforms. Giving users a raw count of the minutes you’ve spent in their apps each day in the last week plus your average across the week is a good start to making users more mindful. But by burying them largely out of sight, giving them no real way to compel less usage, and not distinguishing between passive and active behavior, they seem destined to be ignored while missing the point the company itself stresses.

Facebook is on the race with other social platforms where its changing day by day for batter usages.