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Facebook Introduce AR games for FB Messenger video chat

Facebook has developed something for fun while video chate from facebook messenger which has given high rate intrested things during a video chat , Facebook messenger new version has this new AR Games, Facebook is diving deeper into in-house game development with the launch of its own version of Snapchat’s multiplayer augmented reality video chat games. Today, Facebook Messenger globally launches its first two AR video chat games that you can play with up to six people. Facebook Share the news from its news room portal. 4



Facebook Messenger For the moments when we can’t be together IRL, Messenger video chat helps you connect in real-time with the people you care about most. Chatting face-to-face live makes all the difference when you have exciting news to share, you need a study buddy for a big test, or you simply want to pass the time together

Facebook Messenger’s new AR games are just like Snapchat’s

Using Facebook Video Chat “Don’t Smile” is like a staring contest that detects if you grin, and then uses AR to contort your face into an exaggerated Joker’s smirk while awarding your opponent the win. “Asteroids Attack” sees you move your face around to navigate a spaceship, avoiding rocks and grabbing laser beam powerups. Soon, Facebook also plans to launch “Beach Bump” for passing an AR ball back and forth, and a “Kitten Craze” cat matching game. To play the games, you start a video chat, hit the start button to open the filter menu, then select one of the games. You can snap and share screenshots to your chat thread while you play with AR feature just like Snapchat.


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