Facebook may have your Calls and SMS Data Records

After Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal made people very disappointed but still  Mark Zakarburg is trying to solve out this but Cambridge Analytica scandal has damage facebook goodwill. Millions of Facebook users are confused to use facebook or not because this may cause to divert their interest and make privacy leaks.

Facebook Steal Calls and SMS Records?

Do you know Facebook to have your all Cal SMS  Facebook status like dislike and Images  Videos records every in records of facebook.

Facebook advertising algorithm use our private data by that facebook make millions of dollars and Facebook shows ads to their audience.

Many of Celebrities are going to remove their accounts on Facebook as we heard Farhan Akhtar has removed his Facebook profile from Facebook.

Curious, I checked my own Facebook data and found that yes, Facebook also has my call history recorded alongside my contact information despite the fact that I don’t recall explicitly granting the app permission to that.

facebook call logs


How to check my information store on facebook?

Here is the way You can check your own data by heading to Facebook on the desktop, clicking the little downward arrow and going to Settings > General and clicking on the “Download a copy of your Facebook data”. That will give you a ZIP folder which you can extract. Then in the folder “html” click on “contact_info.htm” and scroll down and yes that’s it.You event don’t remember ever giving permission to Facebook to log my call data yet they have your call and SMS information. It just shows how many of us have actually granted permission to apps like Facebook without really knowing the kind of data they’ll be collecting. Thankfully, it looks like Facebook doesn’t have the actual content of the information but its cause you may be under observation.

Use facebook but don’t put very personal information over there that may hurt your goodwill to if its get compromised by some else.