Facebook Messenger has a new way to sell stuff in Chat Box

Facebook going very tuff time after Cambridge Analytica scandal now we notice that Facebook is going through making money by its ads campaigns in Facebook Messenger too.



Lets clear the term what is AR Feature of Facebook?

Right now Facebook is evaluating a new marker-based augmented reality feature in its app that provides users with AR experiences tied to specially marked physical objects, like mapping digital graphics over a movie poster.

Facebook while using Advertisement layout by facebook messenger can get a high rate of Click Through Rate (CTR). Might be the got idea from  AR abilities are similar to Snapchat’s recently-launched “shoppable” lenses: brands and businesses can create AR experiences meant to get you to buy stuff But in Messenger’s case, the feature isn’t tied to animated face filters. so while Sephora’s bot could direct a potential customer to virtually try on different types of makeup, Nike could show off how a new shoe looks from any angle, and Kia could make a virtual car appear in your driveway.

Facebook Messenger is just the latest platform to start experimenting with branded augmented reality. Instagram also just opened up its AR effects to third-parties, and Snapchat has recently gone all-in on it, too.

The idea, according to Facebook, is to integrate these types of experiences into the types of conversations already happening via Messenger bots. So a company won’t be able to message you to try out it’s new AR feature unless you’ve previously interacted on Messenger or you click on an ad from one of the participating brands from your News Feed.

Source: Mashable Magazine