Facebook Messenger Updates: Will Soon Mark DMs From Fake Accounts

After Twitter Facebook has taken a step for fake accounts too. The social network’s platform has been used for many different scams, ranging from basic phishing and impersonation to state-level fake news spreading and political advertisement. its fight against misinformation and fake news, Facebook will soon label suspicious Messenger contacts with some details to let you verify the sender’s identity, location, and also tell you if the person you are talking to created the account recently.

Facebook Fake Account Ideas to make sure that any messages you receive aren’t coming from someone other than the person you think you’re talking to. If you get a message on Messenger, especially from someone you haven’t chatted with recently, you might see a warning that will let you know whether the account was recently created, whether the person is using Messenger without an associated Facebook account, the country where the person’s phone number is registered (based on country code) and whether the account shares a similar name to an actual Messenger contact or Facebook friend.

Facebook shares information that. We are testing a new feature that provides people with more context on someone they may not have previously connected within Messenger. This context will allow them to make a more informed decision about whether or not they’d like to message that individual.We hopeful that Facebook is fighting on spam practice very efficiently Its new feature, that makes direct messages safer, has been added to make sure that people know who exactly they are talking to online.