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Facebook, Twitter encourage to make strict policy over political ads

We should keep in mind that US elections were not fair election as facebook analytica scandal gone viral over social media and Facebook have to bear big loss by this incident, Right now GDPR means EU’s General Data Protection Regulation comes into force this week  and Google Facebook and Twitter and other social media networks have implemented that policy over all major portals. Twitter announced new guidelines to clearly mark political ads on its platform as Facebook said it began implementing a policy requiring labeling and verification of identities of those paying for political messages.

Facebook said its new policy would be in effect as on this week for ads in the United States on Facebook and Instagram algorithm. It intends to implement the same policy worldwide in the coming months. The moves by the two social media firms come in response to criticism over their role in allowing disinformation to spread during the 2016 US election, in many cases with the help of automated “bots” or disguised Russian-based accounts.

Twitter meanwhile said it would begin enforcing a new policy in the coming months that would require “election labels” for US candidate ads and “We will not allow foreign nationals to target political ads to people who are identified as being in the US,” a Twitter statement said. and require notarized forms that verify the advertisers are in the United States in primary steps.

Right now its Election season in Pakistan to its date has been announced Elections date in Pakistan is 25 June 2018. Facebook has additionally focused for facebook political campaigns in Pakistan and mark is shared that we strickly look after political advertisements on facebook Additionally, the Twitter names of “handles” used for political campaigning advertising will have stricter requirements for political campains.