Saheefa Jabbar

Fahad Mirza and Saheefa Jabbar to star together in “Beti”

Fahad and Saheefa will be seen together in idreams productions drama serial titled “Beti”. The project is written by Sophia Khurum and helmed by Mohsin Mirza. It also stars Javed Sheikh and Asma Abbas in pivotal roles.

Saheefa Jabbar

Beti revolves around the plight of women in Pakistan. People in our society have become so materialistic that their focus is only on monetary gains. They are not willing to accept God’s greatest blessing in shape of daughters. Its core narrative deals with the stereotype mentality of our conservative society.

Saheefa came on board with Celebdhaba and shared exclusive details about her character:

“My character comes from a well educated family and is brought up by single parent. She fell’s in love with a boy in his college, ending up in a marriage. The boy’s family belongs from the old school of thoughts i.e. “a woman can’t give birth to a girl”. It’s a crime for them and one has to face the consequences for it. On the contrary the boy thinks differently from his family. The story revolves around, how this girl adjusts with her in laws and gets justice”

Saheefa Jabbar

As of now, Beti is already on floors and is likely to go on air within a couple of months.Besides Beti, I am reading some scripts; let’s see which project I will choose.

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