Faizan Sheikh will be playing the character of Sajid in the Horror drama serial Saya. Saya is an upcoming Pakistani horror, mystery and suspense drama which will be airing on Geo TV from 21st March. The drama will be airing on every Wednesday and Thursday at 9 PM. The drama is directed by Syed Muhammad Khurram and the story is written by Wajiha Sehar.

When Faizan sheikh was asked about the production of the horror drama, this is what he told us “It was one of the most challenging experience for me up till date, it took a lot of hard work and time, we all worked with patience and the Horror genre is a genre which needs a lot of patience and attention to execute it well, we are expecting a lot from this drama.”

The Geo production Saya will be the most haunted drama in which Faizan Sheikh will be playing the role of Sajid. The drama consists of 50 episodes in total. The story of the drama is based on a woman played by Maham Amir who is living in a typical old school family who have an urge to have a boy as their child but they do not conceive one and only have bay girls. Just because of this the family members kill the woman who does not complete her family desires. Sohail Sameer will be playing as Rashid who is the brother of Faizan Sehikh in the drama who at first looks as a decent charater but as the drama progresses we get to know about his real character in the drama and also is the one who kills his wife and marries someone else who does not look after the children. But then she returns back just to take revenger from her family who did not treat well. Talking about Faizan Sheikh he is the one who will be playing the one closest to his brother’s wife and the supernatural spirit won’t be harming Faizan Sheikh but will be taking revenge from the other family members. Saya will be the most haunted drama starring Maham Amir, Sumbul Shahid, Kiran, Tabeer, Sohail Sameer, Faizan Sheikh and many more in the lead roles.

This drama will surely be sending shivers down your spines as the drama is loaded with jump scares, well will this Pakistani Horror Drama be a hit???