Mission Parwaaz

Fakhr-e-Alam aims to be the first Pakistani in the history of the world to circumnavigate the globe

The world has become drastically more accessible. It’s difficult to imagine in the age of jet planes, but not long ago, getting from one side of the world to the other was a long and arduous process.

The Pakistani nation has gone on to do great things and have made their mark around the globe in order to give back to their country. Our nation is filled with individuals who have shown determination, courage, hard work, and compassion to attain outstanding achievements not only nationally, but internationally as well.

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It is a proud moment for Pakistan, as Fakhr-e-Alam aims to be the first Pakistani in the history of the world to circumnavigate the globe by flying a single engine aircraft.

Mission Parwaaz – One Man, One Plane, and One Epic Journey around the World

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Friends I am happy to report that Mission Parwaaz my attempt to circumnavigate the globe flying a single engine airplane is NOW happening. If I succeed I will become the 1st Pakistani in the history of the world to do so. Remember Harris Suleman and Babar Suleman the Pakistani American duo who were attempting the same thing but their plane crashed and they died in the Pacific. Yes the risk is there but the reward of glory to my flag and country is worth it. It took me 3 years to finally make this happen. After 3 years of NOs, rejections, bureaucratic resistance, domestic conspiracies and absolutely NO real support from PAKISTAN I have still managed to get myself ready for this journey. I will take off from Clear Water Florida on the 6th October and try to complete the 26000 nautical miles journey in 28 days. Need your prayers and support. #roundtheworld #earthrounders #aviation #aviationlover #aviators #aviator #airplanes #airplane #pilot #pilots #pilotslife #flying #adventure #explorer #traveldiaries #traveller #travel

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The 42-year-old revealed, Mission Parwaaz, a childhood dream realized decades later by sheer passion and dedication. It is one man’s dream to bring pride and glory to his country and its people. It’s a journey with many hurdles, disappointments overcome by self belief and persistence.

Speaking to Celebdhaba, Alam shared the entire journey to make Mission Parwaaz a reality:

I had done a press conference in October, 2015 after I got my private pilot license from Florida (USA) intending to circumnavigate the globe by becoming the first Pakistani to do so.

Honored to be featured in international media….big story on Mission Parwaaz in The National…..wirking hard towards my dream…

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Things didn’t work out then, initially it was much more complicated than I had anticipated, therefore it couldn’t culminate at that particular time and stage.

I went on to get my instrument rating and twin engine rating from the US. After a lot of hard work and dedication, I was able to make Mission Parwaaz a reality.

My initial challenges included my inadequate flying experience. In 2015, I only had 47 hours of total flight time on my log book. As of early 2018, I had 112 hours which was still very less. No one wanted to rent out their aircraft, besides the insurance risk matrix was very high.

Mission Parwaaz final phase of training under way…grateful to Allah for helping me do this…Need all your prayers…..and good wishes…..

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As Mission Parwaaz was a global venture, I had to fly into the international air space through various aviation regulations, there were lots of problem to be sorted out.

Mission Parwaaz

Finally we got through the biggest challenge by finding the right airplane, Pilatus PC-12NG (Swiss made aircraft).

Mission Parwaaz

But that wasn’t it! None of the insurance companies were ready to come on board due to their set standards i.e. people who tend to circumnavigate the globe must have at least 500 hours under their belt.

Mission Parwaaz

Interestingly my friend ‘Kurt’ from the US really pushed the envelope to convince the insurance companies and owners to get things going. The insurance companies had put on a lot of pre conditions that included spare parts, extra amount of safety equipment as I had to do oceanic crossing (North Atlantic and North Pacific) which are very cold besides the water is below freezing temperatures.

Mission Parwaaz

They also demanded a (certified air flight mechanic) on the aircraft, if the flight undergoes any major break down.

This might seem a bit harsh statement and sadly adds to the hassles to people having green Pakistani passports. It was difficult to get visas, permissions, over flight airspace permits and landing permits.  It was a different ball game together.

#MissionParwaaz IFR charts….learning my way around without looking outside the airplane…..

Posted by MissionParwaaz on Monday, December 28, 2015

After a series of refusals, obstacles, hurdles, resistance and delays, I am finally in Karachi and will be leaving on the 3rd of October.I will arrive to Florida for my (Federal Aviation Authority Medical Certificate) renewal needed for the international flight permits.

Mission Parwaaz

On the 5th of October, I’ll be spending some time with the aircraft, getting more familiar to the avionics. I will depart from Clay Water (Florida) on the 6th of October. My first stop will be Boston, for fuel up, heading towards Goose Bay (Canada). I will arrive in Pakistan on the 13th of October to Karachi for a day, followed by a one day stay at Islamabad and then to Lahore.

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I have to complete 26,000 aeronautical miles to qualify for circumnavigating and fly through all the mediums on the planets. We are aiming for a 28 day schedule (whether permitting). The physical challenge is very much there, I am recommend to eat nuts and crackers, as I can’t leave the cockpit. I will be covering 30 airports around the world.

I dedicate this mission to the people of Pakistan. It’s a great source of inspiration for myself, the resilience of my nation. I always wanted to make Pakistan proud no matter what and if I succeed, I would be the first Pakistani in the history of the world to do so.

The high degree of risk is there, but the reward is far greater. The glory to our flag is great and I am committed to it. This dream wouldn’t be possible without the United States of America.

Mission Parwaaz

They were warm and welcoming, the skies were open for me; I was given state of the art aircraft’s for my training. I would like to thank UAE which is home to me from the last 15 years and making things accessible.

I hope that Mission Parwaaz is the first steeping stone. I would request our youth to take up aviation as a profession.

Mission Parwaaz

I would thank Pakistan Air force and the Air Chief Marshal ‘Mujahd Anwar Khan’ went over with me about Mission Parwaaz flight plan and gave me some valuable advise.

Mission Parwaaz