Levis hidden cameras

This news was  happened in last Thursday, police registered a case against a well-known clothing brand’s outlet in Faisalabad for allegedly installing recording devices inside women’s changing rooms thats make people so think about to buy cloths and to change dress into trail room.

hidden cam in lavies store


A  hidden cam  said to be a smartphone was discovered by a , Noman Zaffar he is law student, who visited the store along with her sister. Noman’s sister went to the changing room and found camera (smartphone) concealed in the room.To gather evidence, the customers recorded footage of the hidden video camera and their location via their cell phones.


Levi’s Faisalabad use Hidden cam into ladies trail room ?

Unsurprisingly, the staff at that outlet – after discovering that their gig was up tried to confiscate their cell phones to get rid of the evidence.

Shockingly, as per the customer’s accounts, the staff even threatened to post their changing room videos over on social media.Here’s how Pakistanis reacted about the alleged breach of privacy and lack of decency by the outlet in question.

As Noman blew the whistle on this practice, his story went viral over social media.

You also suggest in comments at that type of situation should Noman upload those images to Facebook / Social Media ? Write in comments thanks .